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Secondary Characters of Astral Wave

Good day. Like I said in my last post, this one will be about important secondary characters for each protagonist of the book. Almost in all the stories secondary characters are important and in many ways they help the protagonists in many ways.

Let’s start with the most important characters from Mina Cloud’s side of the story.

Sam Arce: he is the lieutenant of the Amiens ship and at the same time he verifies that the ship works perfectly. Mina and Sam are childhood friends; they knew each other when they were one year old, and since then they have never been separated. Thanks to Sam the young captain has managed to overcome the traumas of her past.

Rod Pavlichenko: this young man is the official cook of the Amiens ship and one of the friends of Mina. Between him and the captain there is a great trust since Mina knows she can trust Rod parts of her life she doesn’t want to share with Sam.

Rei Granger: she is the navigator of the Amiens Ship (each ship must have a navigator since they give the pilots the coordinates of their new destiny for go), and the only female friend that Mina has. Rei is another person that supports unconditionally her friend and captain.

Since Mina is the captain of a ship and has a crew there will be many other secondary characters in her side of the story.

Now, let’s go to secondary characters from the side of Daniel Abel.

Serena Abel: she is the twin sister of Daniel, and in certain ways, a maternal figure to the young boy. Because Dan occasionally acts in a reckless way for save everyone that is in problems the child usually got himself beaten up by the other boys of the colony of hurt by doing risky stuff. Serena was in charge of healing Dan and give his brother counsels since their father only arrived at his home at nights. Despite Serena is quite young in many aspects she is an adult.

Talir: she is a character that will be introduced much later on the story. All I can say is that she will play an important role for the development of Dan.


Dei’Talon’s important secondary characters:

Christa Baum: she is the human assistant that the senator Talon has. Since Christa is one of the few humans inside the senate she is a constant victim of insults and mockery from the other senators and workers from the senate because she is a human. Despite that, Christa doesn’t mind that since she ignores them and continue doing her job without complaining. Talon respects her willpower and admires her. The relationship between these two is of mutual respect and trust.

Mio’Talon: from the Talon marriage nine girls and one boy were born. Since Dei is the only boy from the marriage his parents became the focus of attention for them and in some ways they totally forgot their daughters. Because of this Dei’s sisters started to hate him; they played some terrible pranks on him, with only one sole exception: Mio’Talon. Despite she is the youngest daughter many times she stood against her sisters for protect her younger brother. Mio is a quiet serakiam woman that loves to read books. Recently Mio and Dei haven’t talked too much since a rupture happened between them but despite being separated there is a strong string between these siblings.

Iri: he is the master of the Bounty Hunter Guild in Davaos. He is another important character for Dei’Talon.

And now let’s start with Maiara Yinoris:

Margery Makise: if someone asked if Mia has a friend one could say the closest figure to a friend she has is Margery Makise. Margery is a scientist and the chief of the R&D department of Ryuk, the Adaro. She is in charge of helping Mia by giving her new gadgets or upgrades to her combat suit. Mia and Margery have a complete professional relationship, nevertheless, both of them has trusted each other with important parts of their life when they have a chance.

Through her journeys through the galaxy Mia will find many other characters that will help the bounty hunter. Unlike Daniel and Talon these characters won’t be mentioned on this post.

With this I conclude with the section of secondary characters. In the next entry I hope to post important concepts like the Intergalactic Senate of Davaos, the system the ships use for move, and the most important, the effect known as Astral Wave.