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Introduction to Astral Wave

Thanks for your time by reading this blog.

In this post I’m going to explain what is Astral Wave and a little introduction about me.

Why I wanted to create this book? Since I was a little kid I have always loved fiction stories. The idea of make my own stories started when I was playing World of Warcraft in 2008; back then I thought: “hey, I can create a fantasy setting like Warcraft.” Since then I tried to make a fantasy book set in the past. Needless to say, since I was younger the story I created “borrowed” many elements from many other games and TV Series so for now I’ll put it on hold. It is finished, but right now I don’t like the state of the book. Sometime in the future I’ll look the story again and fix many of the problems, especially the names of the characters. Some of them sound lame.

Also I created two slice of life books but the first one is also another cliché storm and in some ways it looks a lot to another series (an anime and visual novel). The second one I can say proudly is my first job I took completely seriously. Perhaps I’ll release it sometime in the future.

Now, unto Astral Wave. The idea of Astral Wave started in 2009 since I wanted to play with a female protagonist. On top of that, the idea of creating a new Space Opera was kind of interesting so I started writing some stuff about it, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I committed myself to Astral Wave.

What is Astral Wave?

Astral Wave is a Space Opera set in an alternate universe in which the human history changed. In this story the humans not only live on the Earth, they also live in some other planets (like other Space Operas series I gotta admit) in the galaxy, The Milky Way or also, known by the aliens, Aegis Nebula. Now, the humans are divided in three great factions which are the following:

  • The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR
  • The Empire of New Granada
  • The Human Fleet of Gunras

Of these three factions the only ones that live on the Earth are the soviets and the people of New Granada. The humans that live in Gunras are the Europeans, Asians, Africans and also people from the American continent that lost the Third World War. They were forced to leave the planet because the soviets were close to eliminate them, and also, because the Earth is in bad conditions and it isn’t apt for the live there (the humans had to create domes for protect themselves from the contamination of the planet).

Besides the three human factions there are many another organizations.  The Intergalactic Free Planet Alliance (or also known by IFPA) is the most powerful organization in Aegis Nebula and one of the oldest to still exist. The humans of Gunras are protected by said faction, it is because of them that the soviets don’t dare to launch a full scale offensive to Gunras. The IFPA consists of Mayor Races and Minor Races, sadly, the humans are one of the minor races.

The mayor races of the IFPA are the following:

  • Serakiam
  • Nigtros
  • Irian

These are the three most powerful races in the IFPA. Some examples of minor races are the pantheur and the humans. Surprisingly, of all the minor races the humans are perceived as beings of destruction by the other races, that’s why there is a big discrimination to the humans in the IFPA. Despite how badly treated they are, the humans are still inside the alliance.

Of course, there are many other factions in Astral Wave but I’ll talk about them in a new post.

The main events of the books will start in the year 3709 of the Intergalactic Calendar, or if we use the same calendar as we use now, the year is 2126. The first book will have four point of view characters; each one of them will see the most important events of Astral Wave.

And that’s it for the small introduction of Astral Wave. In the next post I’m going to do a brief introduction to the four point of view characters and other important characters. Also I’ll post info about the book of the first book.

A brief note: even though I’m posting this on English the book is only written in Spanish at the moment (you can see because the other posts are in Spanish. That language is my native language). I’ll try to release it where I live and hopefully sometime in the future the book will be translated to English and other languages.


Introducción a Astral Wave

Me gustaría empezar con la presentación de Astral Wave.

Este libro es el sexto que hago pero el primero que quiero revelar al público. Digamos que los otros cinco que escribí eran como pruebas para afianzar mis conocimientos en redacción, ortografía y gramática, y también, en crear historias, por eso es que por el momento no siento que sea el momento correcto para publicarlos. Sí voy a revisarlos en el futuro (cuándo no podría decirlo ahora) y en muchos casos también cambiar las tramas, sin embargo, por el momento quiero enforcarme en Astral Wave.

Qué es Astral Wave?

Astral Wave es una historia de ciencia ficción situada en un mundo alterno al que conocemos por ciertos acontecimientos en la historia de la humanidad. En esta historia (como en muchas de ciencia ficción) los humanos viven en diferentes planetas junto con diferentes miembros de otras especies. La raza humana está dividida en tres grandes facciones:

  • La Unión de República Socialista Soviética
  • El Imperio de Nueva Granada
  • La Flota Humana de Gunras

De estas tres facciones las únicas que viven en la Tierra son los soviéticos y granadinos ya que los humanos de Gunras se fueron del planeta por perder la Tercera Guerra Mundia y también porque el planeta natal de los humanos no es un lugar apto para vivir.

Los eventos de Astral Wave están ubicados en la galaxia conocida como Aegis Nébula (o Vía Láctea, como los humanos también la conocen). Esta galaxia tiene una de las organizaciones más poderosas que haya existido, su nombre es la Alianza Intergaláctica de Planetas Libres, o también conocida como AIGPL. Esta alianza está compuesta de razas mayores y razas menores. Entre las mayores se encuentran los:

  • Serakiam
  • Irian
  • Nigtros (se pronuncia naigtros)

Entre las razas que son las menores las conforman los humanos, pantheur, etc. De todas estas razas los humanos son los que sufren de una gran discriminación por las razas mayores de la AIGPL, aun así, ellos siguen en la alianza.

La historia se sitúa en el año 3709 en el calendario intergaláctico o en el año 2126 si usamos el calendario que utilizamos actualmente. La historia será narrada a través de cuatro personajes diferentes; ellos van a vivir de primera mano casi todos los acontecimientos que van a pasar en Astral Wave.

Con esto termino esta pequeña introducción. En la siguiente entrada voy a dejar los nombres de estos cuatro personajes, una pequeña información de ellos y el nombre del primer libro.

Gracias por su tiempo.