Main Characters of Astral Wave

Like I promised on my last entry, this post will be a brief introduction to the four point of view (and protagonists) of Astral Wave: A Chess Match. Originally there was going to be only one point of view character but as time passed I thought it would be better for add more PoV characters for explore more Aegis Nebula.

Now, let’s start with the introductions:

Mina Cloud: Mina Cloud is the young captain of the Amiens. Despite she is only nineteen years old, Mina is considered by many to be one of the most important captains of the Human Fleet of Gunras. She is a prodigious young woman who is trying her best to overcome the traumas of her dark past.

Personal Notes:With Mina the idea of Astral Wave began. Originally she was going to be the only point of view character in the entire book. Since the beginning she has passed through many changes in personality, past and even jobs before becoming the youngest captain of the Human Fleet of Gunras.

Daniel Abel:  Many kids have a dream: become heroes so they can save the world. Through time, when they start growing, the kids stop having these dreams and because they start seeing how reality is. Sadly, Daniel Abel isn’t one of them. Sure, he is thirteen years old but despite he knows how cruel the real world is because of the civil war in the space colony Zero he still believes he will be able to become a hero of justice.

Personal  Notes: Like Mina, Daniel has passed through many changes. Originally, he was going to be a traumatized child because his father died but in the end that idea was scrapped. Now he is a small boy that will fiercely try to fulfill the promise he made to his father the night before he died. Since his father tried to save all the Europeans back when he was on Earth Dan believes he can do the same even in his young age. Since many people disagree with his ideal the young boy believes they are his enemies. Through this tale we will see if Dan changes and accepts that his ideal is a dream that can’t be accomplished.

Maiara Yinoris: One of the most ancient professions in the Astral Wave universe is bounty hunting. As a bounty hunter, a person must kill or capture a target. For this, the hunter must have a cold personality and a strong will. Maiara Yinoris is one of the most renowned bounty hunters in Aegis Nebula, and perhaps the most famous human bounty hunter. She is a professional hunter who will not doubt a second for accomplish her objectives.

Personal Notes:Maiara, or also known as Mia, is what originally Mina was going to be, in some ways. Cloud was going to be part of the IFPA but instead of having a big ship and a crew Mina was a person who worked alone. Important characteristics of Mia are that she is quite cold and a person that doesn’t doubt a second: if she has to kill someone she will not hesitate. Like other characters, Mia has a dark and troubled past, something she is trying to forget yet it still haunts her. It can be seen easily when she finds slaves on her travels: if she see people forcing other to work then she will start acting in a reckless way. Something to note about Mia: despite she doesn’t doubt about killing she tries her best to not kill people unless that person is a target she must kill or if someone tries to impede her work.

Dei’Talon: Talon is a serakiam minor senator from the Senate of Davaos. This senator is one of the most particular because he is the only one that has an human assistant. Despite almost everyone laughs at his back Talon doesn’t care because his only concern is the welfare of the IFPA.

Personal Notes: Talon is the only PoV character that isn’t a human on this book. Because the Senate plays an important role on the events of this book it was a good idea to have a character that sees personally what happens in Davaos. Like many other characters Talon has received some changes in his personality, feelings and backstory.

These are the four characters that will narrate the events of Astral Wave, in some sense. The narration will be in third person, not first person.

My next entry will include some other important supporting characters to this book.

Before ending, I wish you all a Happy New Year.


2 responses to “Main Characters of Astral Wave

  1. Four POV characters – intrigued to see how you pull all the strands together. All good wishes, Eric

  2. Thanks. It was kind of hard to change from one POV to four but it helped me to expand the universe.

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